Moonstone Beaded Choker with Sage Green Thread
Amazonite Briolettes

Amazonite Briolettes

$1,775 Sold Out

Small Lapis Crescent Charm
One of a Kind Azurite Ring
White Diamond Star Ring
Amethyst/Rutilated Quartz Doublet Small Crescent Charm
White Agate Rondelle Beaded Choker with Ice Blue Thread
Amethyst/Rutilated Quartz Doublet Crescent Charm
Turquoise Nebula Ring
Amethyst/Rutilated Quartz Doublet Round Charm
Faceted Rondelle Magenta Quartz Choker with Clementine Thread
Cobalto Calcite Oblong Ring
Lapis Small Briolettes
Lapis Nebula Ring
Purple Agate Beaded Choker with Violet Thread
Kat Opal & Turquoise Studs

Kat Opal & Turquoise Studs

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Medium Turquoise Luna Ring
Faceted Rondelle Rhodolite Garnet Beaded Choker with Rosestone Thread
Small Lapis Astrid Ring
Small Carved Crescent Moon & Rainbow Ring
Lapis  Carved Crescent Charm
Crescent Moon Turquoise Ring
Mini Cosmo Turquoise Coil Ring
Kat Opal & Ruby Studs

Kat Opal & Ruby Studs

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