April Birthstone: Diamonds


April babies have diamonds as their birthstone, one of Nature’s most precious and beautiful creations. Not only are diamonds gorgeous and sparkly, but they also have many other unique qualities, including being the hardest known material on earth-- so hard that diamonds can only be cut with other diamonds. For this reason, the name “diamond” can be traced back to the Greek word for “invincible”. Humans have been finding diamonds since the beginning of recorded time, so it is unknown when they were first found. While colorless diamonds are the most common, diamonds are naturally found in all the colors of the rainbow! 


Of course, diamonds have strong metaphysical properties. Worn by royalty and rulers throughout history, the stone is said to allow us to access powerful divine energy. Diamonds have the ability to help with confidence and courage, easing fears and illuminating your path. They are associated with clarity, revealing the truth and allowing it to shine through, while decreasing unwanted or intrusive thoughts and mental clutter. While in the past diamonds represented purity for women, in modern times the meaning has shifted to represent pure and honest intentions. 


As a crystal of light, diamonds have a high energy and frequency, seen in how they break down white light into rainbow fire. Diamonds hold the ability to amplify energies, so they enhance the powers of any other crystals they are used with. They attract abundance and can help with manifesting positivity, love, and opportunities in your life. Diamonds can stimulate creativity as well-- so they can be useful for helping you imagine your dreams and turning those dreams into reality!



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