Teal Ethiopian Opal Bracelet with Mother of Pearl Charm
Ethiopian Opal Beaded Chocolate Silk Knotted Necklace with Fire Opal Charm
Mini Galaxy London Blue Topaz/Rutilated Quartz Chain Bracelet
Mini Cosmo Black Spinel Beaded Necklace with Rose de France Charm
Howlite Beaded Choker with Black Thread
Howlite Beaded Choker with Cornflower Blue Thread
Howlite Beaded Choker with Lime Thread
Shooting Star Black Opal Beaded Necklace
London Blue Topaz Beaded Choker
Multi Quartz Beaded Necklace with Lilac Thread
Peruvian Opal Beaded Necklace
Cornflower Blue Enamel Pendant
Cola Wood Large Briolettes
Cola Wood Small Briolettes
Agate Medium Briolettes
Brazilian Agate Large Briolettes
Small Chubby Gold Huggies
Aquamarine Beaded Body Chain
Multi Quartz Beaded Body Chain
Numerology Citrine Beaded Chain Necklace
Numerology Tigers Eye Beaded Chain Necklace
One of a Kind Blue Ribbon Turquoise Ring
One of a Kind Boulder Opal Ring
One of a Kind Black Water Turquoise Ring