Red garnets have adorned the bodies of royalty all over the world throughout thousands of years-- from Ancient Egypt, to the Romans and more recent times. A garnet is said to have provided light on Noah's Ark, symbolizing hope that the struggle would soon end. This unique, powerful stone is the birthstone of those born in January, and has created lots of legends! Garnets are most famous for their beautiful red shades, but they can come in different shades of gold, orange, purple and green as well.

A highly spiritual stone, garnets can help focus creative energy and promote emotional well-being by clearing negativity. Red is often symbolized as a color of self-confidence and wearing a garnet can certainly help us feel more confident and collected in times when you just need a boost. Garnets also represent sincerity-- wear this stone to help your true intentions shine and guide you on your life's path. It is also a great gem to be exchanged between lovers, as the red color represents love and passion and can help strengthen and build a strong, passionate romantic bond.

Garnets are also widely considered a stone of protection: travelers in the Roman Empire were said to wear garnets for protection, and medieval warriors wore garnets to protect them from battle wounds. It is said to activate and strengthen our survival instincts, giving us the courage to work through the current situation at hand. Is is especially powerful when used during times when we are experiencing strong, difficult emotions as this quality can aid us in working through grief and crisis.