Opals have always been my favorite stone and then, having both of my children born in October, the obsession continued to grow. For years when I started designing, I had to explain to people that Opals did not bring bad luck. Opals, in modern times, had become the object of many negative and unfounded superstitions. Here are the true facts of the Opal stone.

1. Opals actually contain water trapped inside them, which is associated with its absorbent qualities, helping us pick up on our feelings as well as the feelings of others.

2. Opals are associated with love and passion, as the stone can intensify emotions and release inhibitions.

3. Wearing an opal is also said to bring loyalty and faithfulness, making this stone a great gift for lovers!

4. Many ancient cultures believed that opals were the luckiest of gems to wear, since they display all the colors of the rainbow.

5. Opals have an amorphous structure (they don't form in crystals), so they are associated with transformation and change.

6. Opals are considered a great stone for meditation due to its absorbent and reflective properties.