Pisces Season

March is the month of the water sign Pisces, as the sun transits the Pisces constellation from February 26- March 20 in 2021. As the last sign in the zodiac cycle, Pisces are often associated with the theme of reflection. Pisces signs are known to be compassionate, intuitive, creative, and empathetic, but can also be overly emotional, impressionable, and closed off. The gemstones of  Amethyst, Labradorite, and Ruby have the ability to help amplify and enhance these positive Pisces qualities, while improving their weaknesses. Even if you weren’t born under this sign, the energy of Pisces will affect every sign while the sun is in the constellation, so these gemstones can help everyone tap in with these traits!


This stone is considered one of the traditional cardinal gems-- the most coveted of gemstones. Throughout antiquity, Ruby’s blood-red color led people to associate the stone with life and vitality, and in more modern times, it is believed that Ruby can stimulate energy and enhance motivation. The theme of reflection is especially relevant here: Ruby gives us the strength to rise up after making mistakes, preventing us from dwelling in a negative mindset, while giving us clear hindsight to see how these mistakes were made in the first place. Being emotionally closed off due to past hurts is one of Pisces’ weaknesses, and rubies help to open up the heart, allowing us to share loving energy once again. 


One look at the beautiful flashes of rainbow colors that appear in Labradorite, and you’ll know: Labradorite is a stone with strong spiritual powers. These rainbow flashes are often associated with the Aurora Borealis, which is most active around March. Labradorite is often known as the stone of transformation, connected to its abilities to change colors in different lights and angles. Labradorite is also associated with expression-- through not only verbal communication but also creative expression. For those who want to tap in more with their intuition and psychic abilities, Labradorite aligns us with different states of consciousness, allowing us to see more deeply both into ourselves and externally at others. 


Amethyst’s royal purple hues are deeply connected with the mind. Pisces, like all the water signs, is prone to being overly emotional and moody-- qualities which Amethyst, a stone of self-control and mood-stabilizing, perfectly counters. These qualities of mental peace and inner strength can also help with past trauma that makes us emotionally distant, allowing us to work through and face these issues. Amethyst is another stone associated with intuition and instinct, especially in the sense of the divine, helping reach a higher state of consciousness and guiding us on the paths that are meant for us. It is also a powerful dispeller of negative energy-- useful for confrontations or tense situations. Amethyst also promotes restful sleep, making it a great stone to use with more energetic stones that can keep you up at night such as Labradorite and Ruby.