Being a September baby makes me a lover of sapphires! Perhaps this is where my obsession of rainbows began... When I first started learning about stones, I thought sapphire meant a royal blue color but I soon learned that sapphires come in every shade of the rainbow, from light to dark. They also have many healing properties.

Metaphysically, sapphires are known as a stone associated with wisdom and prophecy. Sapphires can stimulate creativity, help with concentration and clear and calm the mind, encouraging us to look at things critically, desire knowledge and wisdom and restore balance. When placed near the throat chakra (such as in a necklace) sapphires can help to relieve frustration.

In ancient Greece and Rome, blue sapphires were often worn because they were thought to protect their wearer from envy and negativity. They were also often used in jewelry exchanged by lovers, as they were supposed to represent loyalty and truth-- and even today, sapphires are the most popular engagement ring stone after diamonds! Sapphires were a symbol of the heavens, and worn by the clergy of the Middle Ages.