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Matrix Opal Small Briolettes
Labradorith Briolettes
Variscite Briolettes

Variscite Briolettes

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Small Sugilite Briolettes
Medium Turquoise Briolettes
Large Turquoise Briolettes
Wood Opal Briolettes
Psilomelane Briolettes
Large Aventurine Briolettes
Large Sugilite Briolettes
Mini Galaxy Faceted Mother of Pearl Chain Bracelet
Mini Galaxy Faceted Rose De France Chain Bracelet
Black Ethiopian Opal Beaded Necklace with Faceted Garnet Rhodolite Charm
Calcedony Beaded Necklace with Corn Flower Blue Thread
Emerald Beaded Necklace with Cream Thread
Round Sky Blue Topaz Earrings
One of a Kind Sugilite Ring
One of a Kind Tourmaline Ring
Mini Cosmo Garnet/Rhodolite Bracelet
Pink Ethiopian Opal Beaded Necklace with Garnet Rhodolite Charm
Emerald Beaded Necklace

Emerald Beaded Necklace

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Teal Ethiopian Opal Bracelet with Mother of Pearl Charm
Ethiopian Opal Beaded Chocolate Silk Knotted Necklace with Fire Opal Charm
Mini Galaxy London Blue Topaz/Rutilated Quartz Chain Bracelet