Carved Moon Rutilated Quartz/Turquoise Necklace
Carved Moon Pink Opal Necklace
Mini Galaxy Turquoise Chain Bracelet
Mini Galaxy Lapis Chain Bracelet
Mini Cosmo Hematite/Labradorite Bracelet
Mini Cosmo Chrysoprase Bracelet
Mini Galaxy Faceted Green Onyx Ring
Mini Galaxy Garnet Ring
Mini Cosmo Rhodolite Hoops
One of a Kind Azurite Ring
Mini Galaxy Faceted Rainbow Moonstone/Hematite Necklace
Mini Galaxy London Blue Topaz/Rutilated Quartz Necklace
Mini Galaxy Faceted Mother of Pearl Necklace
Mini Galaxy Chrysocolla Earrings
Mini Galaxy Chrysocolla Chain Bracelet
Rainbow Moonstone/Hematite Doublet Oval Charm
Amethyst/Rutilated Quartz Doublet Round Charm
Amethyst/Rutilated Quartz Doublet Crescent Charm
Mini Cosmo Faceted Rhodolite Garnet Hoops
Large Malachite Rainbow Beaded Necklace
Emerald Beaded Necklace
Mini Cosmo Turquoise Necklace
One of a Kind Leopard Opal Ring
One of a Kind Australian Opal Ring