Amethyst’s alluring shades from light violets to deep royal purples have always attracted and fascinated people throughout our history. Amethyst represents groundedness, tranquility, and calmness. In ancient Greece, the stone was believed to prevent drunkenness-- which is what the name “amethyst” means. If you were born in February, this powerful gemstone is your birthstone and holds special significance for you.

Amethyst is deeply connected to the mind, and can help dispel negative energy that may be around you. It can help promote a clear mind and higher awareness, aiding you in everyday tasks and work. Amethyst can also encourage self-control, as its name meaning “not intoxicated” implies. It helps stabilize your mood, helping to make sure that little annoyances throughout the day don’t turn into feelings of anger or irritability. This makes amethysts a great stone to wear or surround yourself with every day.

For the spiritually-minded, amethyst offers a connection to the divine. The stone is described in many ancient cultures and religions as offerings to the gods and sacred amulets, and the stone is popularly used for prayer beads and rosaries. The calmness and mental peace that amethyst helps us achieve can be especially valuable when used in prayer or meditation. When you use the stone to meditate, you may find yourself able to face past trauma that you’ve had trouble addressing, and work through other deep issues and guide you through life. It helps in reaching spiritual enlightenment, awakens your intuition and inner wisdom, and sparks imagination. Amethyst is also said to influence positive dreams and encourage restful sleep-- try keeping amethyst jewelry or a crystal near you while you sleep. With this incredible combination of healing effects and powers, it's no surprise that this gemstone is held in such a high regard.