This Month's Full Moon: August 3rd, 8:59 AM PST

This month, the full moon is named after another berry: the Blueberry Moon, as August is the month when blueberries are harvested. It is also known as the Sturgeon Moon, as the month Native Americans were most easily able to catch wild sturgeons.

As this Blueberry Moon will be in Aquarius, you'll feel the influence of the sign's contrasting traits: humanitarian yet aloof, independent yet temperamental and progressive yet uncompromising. This month, look at the world as full of possibilities and fight for a cause you believe in, whatever that means to you-- it could be a part of yourself, a personal relationship, or a greater social cause. However, be prepared to be affected by the heightened emotions that come with a full moon, combined with the capricious trait of Aquarius: allow yourself some impulsivity, but be sure to maintain clear communication.

The Blueberry Moon is a great time to look into the future and think about plans and possibilities. The Aquarius sign is known for long-term planning and full moons help bring clarity too, so you may gain insight into moves that will benefit you long-term. Give yourself some time and space for introspection! Dive deep and think about your needs and wants, clear your mind and plan out how to achieve your goals.