The rich green color of Emeralds are reminiscent of lush plant growth throughout Springtime, making them the perfect birthstone for May. Emeralds have a long history-- they were sold in the markets of Babylon as early as 4000 B.C.E, and were said to be a favorite of Queen Cleopatra, who wore them often! They are actually one of the rarest stones-- emeralds of fine quality are twenty times rarer than diamonds. 

The meaning of this stone has often been associated with growth, renewal, and hope, tying into the themes of Spring. It is believed to help its wearers foretell future events, as well as bringing truth to light. Meditating with this crystal or sleeping with it next to your bed can help you unlock these powers: you may come to a realization while meditating, or perhaps have a dream that gives you insight into future events that may unfold. Emeralds are said to bring enhanced mental clarity and improve memory as well, making them a beneficial stone to wear or have in workplaces. 

The color green represents healing and nurturing, and emeralds are the strongest crystal representing this color. They can help us heal in many ways. Emeralds can help with balance: helping us find the right mental, spiritual, and emotional equilibriums, as well as preserving balance in a group. They also can improve our relationships with ourselves by connecting us with our inner selves, as well as the divine, helping to guide us on our divine paths. Emerald also serves as a stone of protection-- Alexander the Great was said to have carried emeralds as a talisman to protect from harm. Emeralds can ward off negative energy, as well as shelter us from hexes and enchantments.