Mercury in Retrograde is Over

If things have seemed extra chaotic and frustrating lately, it’s definitely because of the Mercury retrograde: but don’t worry, we’ve made it through! This Tuesday, March 10th, marks the end of 2020’s first Mercury retrograde, with the post-retrograde shadow lasting until March 29th.

Mercury, the swiftest of all the planets in the night sky and closest to the Sun, is named for the Roman messenger of the gods, Mercury. Similar to the role of the deity in Roman mythology, the planet Mercury rules over communication, rationality and reasoning, regular travel, and relationships. During a retrograde, when the planet appears to be moving backwards, our lives can get thrown into a tailspin as communication is muddled, relationships are tested, or daily travel frustrates.

For the end of this retrograde, spend time reflecting on past experiences and lessons-- Mercury’s retrogrades are known to cause chaos, but remember this is only temporary, and soon clarity will come in the post-shadow phase. The post-shadow phase is a time for reconfiguring: the pieces of the puzzle will finally click together, allowing you to see the bigger picture. Consciously think about patterns in your life-- perhaps it is time to make a conscious effort to change some of them.




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