This Month’s Full Moon: January 28th, 11:18 AM PST 

As we may already know, full moons are a time of high emotions, new beginnings, and reflection. The first full moon of 2021 gives us all a chance to set the tone for this coming year, as well as contemplate events of the previous year. This full moon is especially significant since it marks a fresh start, allowing us to leave behind 2020 and look forward to the future.  

Your energy is greatly affected by the energies of the people you spend the most time around and are closest to. One of the most important things to do during this full moon is to consider your circle: set and communicate your boundaries, check in on the members of your pack, and reinforce relationships with those closest to you. Over time, as things rapidly change, all relationships have their ups and downs. Consider who you want to bring into this year with you, and for the people you choose, be sure to remain honest and transparent and both set your needs, expectations, and boundaries for your relationships to help nurture them this year.

Since this is the first full moon of the year, it is especially significant for you to form your intentions for the rest of the year during this time. Now is the time to do some spiritual cleansing--  let go of everything from last year that no longer serves you in order to start fresh. This full moon is in Leo, helping us in diving deeper into our consciousness to find our purpose, so during the full moon be sure to set aside time for some deep meditation and consider your path in life. How can you work on making each day fulfilling? How will you guide yourself throughout this year? It may be helpful to write all of these thoughts down so you can come back to them when you’re feeling a little steered off course.