This Month's Full Moon: October 1st, 2:05 PM PST

This October is special because we'll be having two full moons: one on the 1st and one on the 31st! The first full moon (on Oct. 1st) is known as the Harvest Moon, as traditionally autumn is the time when farmers are finally able to harvest the crops...the bright moonlight and early moonrise also allowed farmers to harvest at night.

As the name implies, this full moon you'll find yourself reaping the harvest of your hard work throughout the year. This can come in lots of different forms-- perhaps there's a project or goal you've been working on for months and you're finally so close to finishing the project or achieving your goal! Or maybe you've been working on strengthening relationships with friends, romantic partners or family, and you're finally about to reach a breakthrough.

This full moon will be in the fiery and passionate sign Aries, so be prepared. Full moons are already usually an emotionally intense time, and this one will be even more so-- so try to prevent yourself from getting overwhelmed! Tie up loose ends to make yourself feel more comfortable-- pay off debts, seek emotional closure and make good on any promises you've made to others. Spend some quality time alone to relieve yourself of the pressures that you've been under and feel better prepared to boldly move forward into what you've manifested.