Mercury in Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde: October 14 - November 3, 2020

2020 has already been a pretty chaotic and challenging year, and to top it all off, Mercury will be going into retrograde from October 14th until November 3rd. But don't fear-- while Mercury's retrogrades generally have a pretty bad reputation, as long as you know how to prepare yourself we promise you'll get through it!

Mercury is primarily associated with communication, logic and relationships, and during a retrograde, you may find difficulty in all of these areas. The retrograde will begin in water-sign Scorpio, known for passion and emotion, so expect repressed emotions to come to the surface. As this happens, be sure to be honest about these feelings and work through them. Avoid being passive aggressive and be sure to address those repressed emotions! As communication breaks down during this period, take precautions to avoid miscommunications and be patient when you are misunderstood. Be extra specific and direct, and back up spoken words with written ones (such as sending an email or text following up to something you've verbally asked someone to do, for example).

During this period, remember to be flexible and patient! Plans may quickly change and you might encounter unexpected bumps in the road. Think in broad terms and try not to get caught up in the little details. It's a good time for you to tap into your creativity: try rearranging your space, painting, dancing or however else you like to get creative! This will really help you when problems arise and you need to think on your feet. Just remember to breathe-- while Mercury retrograde can be daunting, the things that are happening are meant to happen and everything will eventually work out.