Next New Moon: September 17, 2020, 4AM PST

New Moon periods can be seen as somewhat of a foil to Full Moons-- during a Full Moon the Moon is at its boldest and brightest, bringing emotions to the surface and a more hectic energy. While a New Moon is the one night the Moon is not visible, and though there is still strong lunar energy, it is usually more internally focused. During the New Moon and for the days surrounding it, it is not unusual to feel less social and keep to yourself more. Full moons are associated with a peak or climax in the month, while New Moons are all about new beginnings as well as letting go of the past.

This September, the New Moon is in Virgo, influencing the time period with the classic Virgo traits of intelligence, kindness and loyalty. The Milky Way will be visible, which symbolizes illuminating new perspectives-- it is likely that you'll gain some new insights and newfound clarity during this time. For this New Moon, try spending some time thinking about your goals and laying the groundwork to make these goals a reality. Take time alone to consider the relationships in your life-- it will become more apparent which ones are worth your loyalty.