February’s full moon is named the Snow Moon, for a straightforward reason: February is, on average, the snowiest month of the whole year. This full moon will occur in the sign of Virgo.

As with every full moon, lunar energy will reach its peak, which can lead to a range of effects. You may find yourself tossing and turning at night, and when you do fall asleep, your dreams might be extra intense or even nightmares. Full moons are also a time of heightened emotions-- if you’re feeling overwhelmed by strong emotions be sure to keep in mind that it may just be the full moon affecting you, and to take a step back. Intuitions are especially strong during this time, and the light of the full moon allows emotions and ideas to come to the surface, so listen carefully to your gut. Full moons are a time of greater clarity, so that last puzzle piece might just click into place for you to move along the path you are meant for.

The sign of Virgo, analytical and hardworking, will influence the Snow Moon. Virgos tend to be health conscious and need cleanliness-- and full moons are a great time to break bad habits, as afterwards the moon wanes and helps us let go of things holding us back. Tidy up your home, let go of bad habits that affect your wellness, eat foods that nourish your body, and get some physical exercise. Virgo’s earthly qualities can also help bring you a sense of groundedness as well as improve your focus during this time. Prioritize and plan out your physical and emotional well-being-- what gradual changes can you make to help improve your relationship with your own body and mind?