This Month’s Full Moon: March 28th, 11:50 AM 

March’s full moon marks the first full moon of Spring, and is often called the Worm Moon for the earthworms that appear as the ground warms for springtime. Since this full moon happens so close to the spring equinox, it represents a transitional period: from cold and barren winter to warm and vibrant spring. 

This full moon is often associated with rebirth, as animals end their winter hibernations during this time, becoming active in the world again. Think of things that you have allowed to lie dormant for a while, like personal projects or hobbies, and reconnect with them. How can you make sure that you’ll continue to put in consistent efforts to reach your goals this time? Visualize your intentions and the results of your hard work. Springtime is the time to plant your seeds for a fall harvest. 

The Worm Moon will rise in the sign of Libra, the sign known for craving balance and harmony. Due to the intense emotional nature of full moons, relationships will be put to the test during this time. Full moons tend to be a time of clarity and illumination, and you will likely have some revelations about your needs in relationships and partnerships, as well as your needs for independence. Whatever this full moon reveals, remember to try and stay sensible with your decisions, and reason them out instead of allowing your impulses to make decisions for you.