Saturday, June 20, 2:43 PM

The Summer Solstice happens when our Sun travels its longest path through the sky, resulting in the day with the most daylight in the year, and signaling the start of summer. Celebrated by ancient civilizations all the way up to modern times, summer solstice celebrations are one of the most widespread and ancient celebrations! Spiritually, summer solstices represent celebrating nature, reflecting on your spiritual journey, new beginnings, and patience.

While summer plans might be looking a little different this year, tap into your spiritual side this summer solstice. Go for a meditative walk in nature, or create a place where you can feel at peace in your home. Light a bonfire or some candles to celebrate our fiery Sun. Reflect on the past year, considering your relationships, career choices, travels, and passions. Throughout the summer, check in on yourself: are you feeling fulfilled by your relationships and are you taking steps to reach your goals? Make space for and be patient with new opportunities that arise, and embrace sunshine. This is a time filled with changes as our Earth turns, so be ready to accept and even embrace change!


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