This Month’s Full Moon: May 26, 2021, 4:19 AM PST


May’s Full Moon is going to be quite the astrological event-- not only is it a supermoon, but there will also be a lunar eclipse, giving the Moon a red hue (which is where the “blood moon” name comes from!). The lunar eclipse will be visible from western North America, and begin at 2:45 AM PDT. This supermoon is also the biggest and brightest of the year: the moon will be even closer to the Earth than it was last month! 


An eclipse is an especially potent and powerful lunar event. The red color of the Moon during an eclipse was a source of equal fascination and fear to ancient cultures, inspiring all sorts of colorful myths and legends. The effects of an eclipse can be just as striking as its appearance: often causing abrupt, sudden changes, speeding up the timeline of events. As the moon’s color changes, lunar eclipses give us a change in perspective: allowing us to see people and situations in a different light. 


Full moons are the end of the lunar cycle, and they often coincide with the ends of other cycles in our lives too. Combined with the power of the lunar eclipse, this effect is amplified, and you may feel yourself being pulled in different directions quickly. Prepare to say goodbye to the past, as well as situations in which you are too comfortable. Don’t be afraid-- this is just the universe helping you get to where you need to be, and the more prepared you are to accept these changes, the smoother the transition will be. The rust red light of the eclipse will help illuminate your karmic path, and bring you back if you have gotten lost along the way.